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Acclaimed as Australia’s most accomplished high-altitude mountaineer, Andrew recently became the first Australian to climb all 14 of the world’s 8000 metre peaks. His achievements encompass 18 summits of those 8000 metre peaks, including Mt Everest (twice), more than four times that of any other Australian and placing him in a select group of the world’s best alpinists. Additionally, Andrew accomplished the first Australian ascent of 6 of those mountains, a record that can never be broken. The AHF is proud to have Andrew as its first Ambassador.




Michael is one of the world’s leading mountain cinematographers and documentary filmmakers with 40 films to his credit. He was Director of Photography and Member of the First Australian Everest Expedition in 1984 and is a distinguished AFI award winner.




Alice first became involved with the AHF many years ago as a result of her parents love for the Himalayas. She was lucky enough to visit Nepal for the first time when only 11 years old and felt a connection with the country and the people straight away. Alice's passion for travel and international aid led her to complete a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Alice is the daughter of renowned Lonely Planet photographer, Richard I'Anson.




Dylan’s passion for the Himalaya was first ignited as a young boy travelling in the early 1990s. As the son of founding AHF Director Lincoln Hall, he has always had a close association with the Himalaya, counting several Nepalese and TIbetans as close family friends and travelled to the Khumbu and Everest Base Camp in 2005. Following Lincoln's death in 2012, Dylan set about following in his father's footsteps and was appointed Youth Ambassador in December 2012, he has been actively seeking new partnerships for AHF and developing AHF’s social media presence.




George has always had a strong connection with Nepal, through his father, Peter Hillary, and grandfather, Sir Edmund Hillary. He has been fortunate enough to travel through the area on several occasions, during which he has been able to foster a more personal connection with the local communities, and the projects and goals of the AHF. He is looking forward to continuing his family’s legacy through his work as a Youth Ambassador for the AHF.



Jackson Bursill

Jackson joined as a Youth Ambassador following his work establishing Neverest, a fundraising event for the AHF in which over 150 people walked or ran the equivalent vertical height of Mount Everest to raise funds for the AHF's Nepal Earthquake Appeal following the devastating Earthquakes on April 25th and May 12th. Jackson hopes to continue to work on events and programs that will raise the profile of the AHF, particularly amongst school and university students. He's also looking forward to travelling to Nepal in September to visit the AHF projects and to do some trekking in the Himalayas. Jackson is also a member of the Australian Cross Country Ski team.


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