Mt Kailash, Tibet

Tibet, West Nepal & Mt Kailash *to be rescheduled

August 1, 2021


*Due to COVID-19 we will not be running this trip on the advertised dates. We will reschedule as soon as possible. To express an interest in this or other Himalayan journeys, please email [email protected]



From USD$8,500 per person twin share, plus AHF Donation


The journey

A trek / drive / helicopter journey through Nepal and Tibet in summer. Helicopters operate during the monsoon season to transport pilgrims through the mountains to reach Mt Kailash so this is a time of festivals and activity for the local farmers. This is a special time to be in both Nepal and Tibet – the fields are green and there are flowers everywhere. 


We spend three days exploring fascinating Kathmandu and getting our visas for China and the Mt Kailash circumambulation. From Kathmandu we fly to Nepalgunj and then to Simikot in the far northwest of Nepal, followed by a helicopter flight over remote mountain villages to reach the border station of Hilsa at 3500 metres altitude. 


We cross the border into Tibet and will be met by our Tibetan vehicles – from here we stay in Tibetan lodges. From Lake Mansarover we will drive to Darchen to commence a three-day trek or ‘kora’ around the Mt Kailash. The mountain is sacred to all Hindus and Buddhists and is a magnificent, icy dome-shaped peak above the Mansarover Lake. Following the kora we drive east across the barren Tibetan plateau past turquoise lakes and little Tibetan villages with the mighty Himalayas to our southern side. We will turn to the south, cutting right through the Himalayas – an incredible drive! – down to the China / Nepal border at either Kiyrong or Zhangmu. From Kiyrong or Zhangmu we drive back to Kathmandu. 


This journey is an amazing mixture of travel in western Nepal, a helicopter flight through the Himalayas crossing from the green valleys of Nepal to the arid zone of Tibet and the beautiful peak of Mt Kailash, followed by a drive across the roof of the world on the northern side of the Himalayas before turning south from the Tibetan Plateau to plunge through the Himalayas and return to Kathmandu.

Simon Balderstone and Peter Hillary: 


Simon and Peter are directors of the Australian Himalayan Foundation and Simon has been the chair of the board since its inception. They are both passionate about the AHF’s work in the Himalayas and they will share this with you during the adventure.


Simon Balderstone:

Chair of the AHF. Simon is a journalist, author, Director of a consultancy company and Adviser to the Olympic movement. He was a former Prime Ministerial adviser, SOCOG Board member, General Manager and a member of the First Australian Everest Expedition in 1984.


Peter Hillary:

Director of the AHF. As the son of Sir Edmund Hillary and literally raised on a diet of expeditions and adventures, Peter is a life-long adventurer having summited Everest twice, traversed Antarctica to the South Pole and managed the first high-altitude traverse of the entire Himalayan range. Peter is an expedition leader, public speaker, leader of philanthropic missions, author and photographer.