AHF’s 12 Days of Mountains – 14th December

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These are just some of the ways AHF is working with communities in Nepal, Bhutan and the Indian Himalaya.  Your donation will help us ensure these great programs continue.

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Remember when you first heard of folding paper for fun? Weird, but strangely fascinating and relaxing.

Grab yourself some coloured paper, and learn how to make this pretty and simple Christmas tree. For a more advanced project, why not try a mountain goat??

A leopard-proof corral in Ladakh

Mountain Story of the Day – Snow leopards

In remote Ladakh in the Indian Himalaya, AHF has supported the Snow Leopard Conservancy Trust (SLC) since 2005. Together we work with local communities to construct snow leopard-safe corrals throughout Ladakh. 

Traditionally, farmers have always built low-level drystone wall corrals, which are open and exposed to attack from snow leopards. It sometimes means their entire livestock (and livelihood) can be wiped out overnight. 

By building simple wire roofs supported by wooden beams, these corrals can be enclosed, preventing snow leopards from reaching livestock. It means there is no need for farmers to kill predator snow leopards, saving more than one animal.

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