Your fundraising will help us deliver essential programs in education, health and environment which aim to improve the lives of remote Himalayan communities.

Thanks to generous donors and fundraisers like you, in 2020 our TTQE project saw:

  • From May to September, AHF and REED broadcast daily lessons across 25 Districts of Nepal that provided access to education for over 13,000 TTQE students (50% girls), 95% of the total TTQE students, and reached an estimated 1.2 million students
  • Over 900 students received direct support from a local teacher who was mobilised and incentivised by TTQE to provide homeschooling support
  • Very vulnerable students including children with disabilities and girls, continued receiving going to school support and as a result, more than 97% of these students returned once schools reopened

Watch the video of the Himalayan School of the Air here.

Girls like Sheelasha could not have continued their schooling and would be more vulnerable to early marriage and child labour.


She said ‘….  I study in grade 7. REED Nepal has provided a radio to us and we use it to learn by hearing different lessons. I am very happy to learn through radio at home’.


Anyone can make a difference for living standards in the Himalayas with a few simple steps.


You can raise funds for a trek or join one of ours, host a curry night or Himalayan high tea, organise a school fundraiser or get involved with our Schools for the Himalaya program, or choose your own adventure!


Aim high! Each dollar you raise will help us make a difference for those who need it most, and every dollar counts.


You can choose to collect your donations through cash or you can setup a fundraising page. If you’re participating in an AHF-organised trek then we’ll send a link to your fundraising page. If you’re fundraising on your own then you can set up a page through MyCause.


Share your plans with family and friends both online and in person. Use photos of yourself, tell them what you’re doing and why, and send a thankyou message to those who donate.


Visit our Curry Night page for recommended viewing, music, decorations and fun for kids that can be used for any occasion to support fundraising activities.


Fundraising tips from Mark

  • Start! Be prepared to make mistakes and just give it a go.
  • Look at what works for others. Start small, and learn along the way.
  • Pick something interesting and novel that you’re passionate about.
  • Relate your fundraising to real stories to show people the real need.
  • Thank everyone who donates by sending an email or giving them a call.

Mark Morrissey, AHF supporter and fundraiser

‘For me, there is nothing more compelling and personally rewarding than making a difference to a child or a family’s life.’ – Mark Morrissey

Thanks to generous donors and fundraisers like you, in 2020 our Nurses for Nepal project saw:

  • 57 pregnant women attend all four antenatal visits
  • 117 children complete all immunisation requirements
  • 442 children reached with health awareness education
  • 6,000 surgical masks, 8,000 surgical gloves, 65 litres of sanitiser and PPE-sets distributed during Covid-19

With your support AHF and Action for Nepal trained nurses to deliver effective health services to their local communities.


‘Around 80% of the total population lives in rural areas, where health care services are limited. We need continuous support for further improvement.’ – Megha, Nurses for Nepal Former Nurse

Nurses for Nepal



Every donation counts, however big or small! Boost your fundraising with these ideas.

Watch the video for Kerryn’s Top Tips!

More ideas to help you reach your fundraising goal

1. Self-donate


If you find that fundraising just isn’t for you, consider making a personal donation.


2. Sell something


Think about hosting a garage sale, setting up a book stall or putting together an online auction.


3. Fundraise with food


Host a dinner party, or a Himalayan high tea for your friends & family. Why not make it fun with a food and dress theme?


4. Get your community involved


Fundraising at school or work is a great way to get lots of people involved and motivated! Choose an activity that will appeal to your community – for example, a fun run, multicultural lunch, cake competition, special hat day – and ask everyone to donate.


5. Game it!


Trivia nights are great fun. Rope in a friend to do the trivia, book a local restaurant or try zoom, then advertise the event with your friends and family.


6. Turn it into a challenge


Planning your own trek or challenge? Get your friends to support you. Find out if your workplace will match your donations. Keep your supporters informed and up to date about your progress. Set up an online fundraising page and keep promoting it.


7. Skip the gifts this year


Ask your friends and family to donate in lieu of gifts for your birthday.


8. Stop and save


Give something up for a month (coffee, alcohol, takeaway) and donate the money saved to an AHF project. Get a group of friends to join you, organise a tally board and raise funds for Himalayan communities.


Need help organising a bigger fundraiser? AHF’s fundraising team can help you set up a platform and publicise your event.

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped fundraisers achieve their goals:

Bright Sherpas

The Bright Sherpas worked together as a group to raise over $17,000 before their Mt Everest Base Camp trek. Once AHF set up their fundraising platform, the team created community events such as raffles, and personally shared their goals with friends, family and their town, even contacting the local paper!

Mountains of Change

Teacher Roger from Tassie joined forces with other educators to create Mountains of Change asking people to donate their change. Once AHF had set up their platform, the teachers were able to raise $1350 through donations big and small, just by sharing with friends and family.

Project Base8000 Fundraising

Some examples of people who have created fundraisers with AHF include Project Base8000.

Other fundraising examples are the  AHF-organised treks.

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Not sure how to run your own fundraiser or where your donations will go? Here are the answers to your questions.


Will donations be tax deductible?

YES. AHF is a registered charity with ATO Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, and all donations to the Australian Himalayan Foundation are tax deductible. If you raise funds through one of our fundraising platforms (Raisely, MyCause and a number of other providers) your supporters will automatically receive tax deductible receipts for their donations.


If your sponsor receives something material in return for their funds, like raffle tickets, auction items, a dinner or movie tickets, these contributions are not tax deductible.

What if I receive cash or cheques, or someone wants to donate directly to the AHF?

If you are receiving cash or cheque donations, you or your donor can make a direct deposit or post the cheque to AHF. Make sure we receive the donor’s details so that we can send them a receipt directly. Once the funds are received we can add this to your fundraising tally.

Can I fundraise online?

Yes, if you’re participating in an AHF-organised trek we will send you a link to your fundraising page. If you’re fundraising on your own you can create your own fundraising page through MyCause.

How can I get people interested?

  1. Personalise your page by adding a photo, telling the story of your event and your motivation.

  2. Share, share and share again! Tell all your friends, family and colleagues what you are fundraising for and why.

  3. Stay in communication – thank every donor personally if possible, and keep telling people what you are doing.

What’s the best way to get donations?

Donations can come from unlikely sources. Add your fundraising page link to your email signature, with a short explanation about what you are doing.


Share the link on all your social media pages with regular updates on what you are doing. Lots of people giving $5 each is just as effective as a few people giving $100.


Your workplace may also match donations.


Donors like to know where their money is going, so educate yourself about the work of the AHF. Lots of information (and photos and videos) about our projects is available on this website. Your enthusiasm will encourage others to support communities in the Himalaya.


Asking for money can be daunting, but remember you are not asking for money for yourself but for a worthwhile cause.

Where do my donations go?

All our donations are directed to helping the most disadvantaged Himalayan communities in Nepal, India and Bhutan meet their needs through improvements in education, health and the environment.


The AHF maintains administration costs to no more than 20% of donations each year. This ensures that we maintain transparent and accountable processes and robust, professional standards consistent with industry practice.

What help can I get in organising an event?

We want to help you make your event a success. We can provide you with a personalised Letter of Authority to fundraise, links to images and videos of our projects, banner artwork and fundraising advice. Please keep in mind that the AHF is a small team (but with big outcomes), and we will provide what we can to make your event memorable.

Do I need to advise the AHF of my fundraiser?

To ensure that all fundraising activities comply with our charity and legal obligations, you must contact AHF to receive authority prior to raising funds on our behalf. We do not authorise any door-knocking, bucket collections or other activities that don’t comply with our goals.


Please note that AHF is unable to provide public liability insurance to cover your fundraising activities.

I’m finding it hard to fundraise. What do I do?

Every donation counts, however big or small! See the Fundraising Tips section above for some ideas.