Languages of the Himalaya

June 27, 2019


The Refectory, University of Sydney


The Thousand Tongues in the Heart of Asia

Indigenous Languages of the Himalaya


Spread across five countries in the heart of Asia, the Himalaya is home to hundreds of languages, and is one of our world’s major centres of linguistic diversity. How are these languages changing and evolving with the socio-economic and physical climate? What happens when the 21st century meets ancient culture in language?

Thursday June 27, 6:00 – 8:00pm

The Refectory

Level 4, Holme Building, Science Road

University of Sydney

Camperdown, NSW 2006


Come and join AHF Head of Programs Tshering Lama O’Gorman at this special event celebrating the Indigenous Languages of the Himalaya, and looking at some of the challenges they face in the 21st Century.

Hosted by Sydney University and La Trobe University, the discussion gives you a chance to hear from and speak with people from across the Himalaya, as well as internationally recognized linguistic experts, about the past, present and future of the region’s Indigenous languages. Find out how political tensions, increasing mobility, climate change, and other issues are putting pressure on the Himalayas’ Indigenous peoples and their languages, and hear how communities are working to protect and revitalize their linguistic heritage.

 Gerald Roche (La Trobe University) and Mark Post (University of Sydney) will lead a panel discussion with AHF’s Head of Programs Tshering Lama O’Gorman, Tsering Shakya (University of British Columbia), George van Driem (University of Bern), Charisma K Lepcha (Sikkim University), Yankee Modi (University of Sydney), and Henriette Daudey (La Trobe University).

6:00-6:30: Pre-event snacks and drinks
6:30-6:45: Opening comments
6:45-7:30: Roundtable discussion
7:30-8:00: Questions

Tickets are FREE – register through the link below (while space is available).