Neverest Challenge Canberra

April 30, 2021 - May 1, 2021


Mount Ainslie Lookout

Kathmandu Neverest Challenge Canberra location

Kathmandu Neverest Challenge Canberra location

Mt Ainslie Lookout, Mount Ainslie


Registration will be at the Mt Ainslie Lookout. View the course on Strava HERE 

Team Event


Kathmandu Neverest Challenge for teams – 8848m elevation over 106km distance – Saturday start/finish.

Reach the elevation of Mt Everest above sea-level. It doesn’t matter how many laps each person completes, it’s the team total that counts. Bring some snacks and cheer each other and your fellow Neveresters on! It’s a fun day out for everyone. Kids welcome on teams.

$70 per participant              $40 per student                $35 per child 

Solo Events


Reach 8848m (the elevation of Mt Everest above sea level) in 106km. 30 hour event. Friday start/Saturday finish


$90 per participant     

$40 per student       

No children

The Half

Reach 3468m (Mt Everest Base Camp to Summit) in 42km. 30 hour event. Friday start/Saturday finish


$90 per participant     

$40 per student       

No children

The Kosci

Reach 2228m (the elevation of Mt Kosciuszko) in 26km. 16 hour event. Saturday start/finish


$70 per participant     

$40 per student     

$35 per child (by request)

Suggested gear

  • Fleece jumper (synthetic or wool)
  • Rain coat
  • Thermals/beanie
  • Electrolyte or sports drink
  • SNACKS YOU LOVE (you’ll be burning roughly 500-1000 calories an hour, so you’ll need to keep well fuelled!)
  • Hydration pack with bladder
  • A change of clothes
  • A collapsible chair or picnic rug
  • Spare socks
  • Strapping tape
  • Band-Aids and blister blockers

Mandatory gear

  • Headtorch (for Neverest and Half solos. Also advised for teams of 2). You will not be permitted on the course after dark without a headlamp
  • Spare batteries. See above.
  • Water bottle or reusable cup (this is a low impact event)

Getting there

The Kathmandu Neverest Challenge Canberra is at Mount Ainslie Lookout, Mount Ainslie.

By CAR – we strongly encourage you to carpool with your team or supporters. Parking is available at the lookout, if this parking fills up there is also space behind the War Memorial off Cobby St.

By PUBLIC TRANSPORT – take bus number 2 runs from the city to Foveaux St, then it’s approximately 1.8km walk to the registration area.

By TAXI – from the city takes around 15 minutes.



“Everesting” is running or walking laps of a hill to simulate climbing Everest. The Kathmandu Neverest Challenge is organised by and is a fundraiser for the Australian Himalayan Foundation for their work educating kids and training teachers in rural Nepal. Neverest began in 2015 following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, and has grown to accommodate over 600 entrants each year. In 2021 Neverest will be staged in 3 unique locations, as well as a virtual event.

The Australian Himalayan Foundation is proud to have Kathmandu as major sponsor of the Kathmandu Neverest Challenge.

Kathmandu contributes not just to people going up and down a mountain for hours, but also to kids in Nepal getting a better education, and finding new paths to take in life.

Huge thanks to Kathmandu for their generosity and support of the Event Series and of the Australian Himalayan Foundation’s work in Nepal.