Kathmandu Summit Club Trek – Indian Himalaya

July 1, 2018




The Kathmandu Summit Club treks represent an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with the people and projects supported by the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

This 10 day trek is a chance to experience the rich Buddhist culture of Ladakh – a region of the Himalaya that is not so well known. Ladakh comprises many hidden valleys where its ancient culture is largely untouched, and centuries-old traditions still survive and flourish.

We’ll explore ancient monasteries dating back to the 14th century, take time to visit the AHF projects in the region such as the Snow Leopard Conservancy, and trek over high passes of the Indian Himalaya. Our trek takes us into remote villages that are completely cut off from the outside world for up to
5 months each year. Here we can interact with the local people and get a glimpse of what it’s like to live the very basic life of a subsistence farmer in one of the harshest, high-altitude environments in the world.

Trek ambassador – Heather McNeice

Heather is a volunteer representative of the AHF in Queensland. She has been organising and leading AHF fundraising treks in Bhutan since 2011 and has trekked in many corners of the globe, including South America, Nepal, the US
and, closer to home, in Australia.

Heather is familiar with the AHF programs in Ladakh and loves the beauty of the Himalayan region, its unique culture and traditional way of life. She has many stories to share of her previous AHF journeys and looks forward to welcoming you on this very special trip to Ladakh.