Virtual Neverest Challenge

March 26, 2021 - June 30, 2021


This year we have developed the virtual Neverest Challenge! Join us from wherever you are, and share the fun of the climb while raising funds for AHF’s education, health and environmental programs in Nepal.

Team or Solo?


The Virtual Neverest Challenge allows you to run, walk or climb your own Everest – 8848m elevation – at your own pace. You can do it solo or register with a team. Complete your Neverest anytime between 26 March and 30 June 2021. 

Measure the elevation of each run, walk or climb you complete and add it to your total. When you get to 8848m, you’ve climbed the equivalent of Mt Everest! Is this more than you’re up for? Why not pick a goal that works for you – Mt Kosciuszko at 2228m or Everest Base Camp at 5500m.



Join up with friends or family to make getting to your elevation goal easier. It doesn’t matter how many in a team, it’s the team total elevation that counts. You can each chip in with a run or walk per day for the full 9 weeks, or do it together in one big weekend.



Go hard and tackle it in a weekend, or spread the challenge over the full 9 weeks – it’s up to you!


COST $25 per participant

WHERE Anywhere there is a hill and a walking track!

WHEN The Challenge starts from 26 March and finishes 30 June 



“Everesting” is running or walking laps of a hill to simulate climbing Everest. The Kathmandu Neverest Challenge is organised by and is a fundraiser for the Australian Himalayan Foundation for their work educating kids and training teachers in rural Nepal. Neverest began in 2015 following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, and has grown to accommodate over 600 entrants each year. In 2021 Neverest will be staged in 3 unique locations, plus a virtual event.

The Australian Himalayan Foundation is proud to have Kathmandu as major sponsor of the Kathmandu Neverest Challenge.

Kathmandu contributes not just to people going up and down a mountain for hours, but also to kids in Nepal getting a better education, and finding new paths to take in life.

Huge thanks to Kathmandu for their generosity and support of the Event Series and of the Australian Himalayan Foundation’s work in Nepal.