Meet the Nepalese teacher transforming her school environment

At a secondary school, nestled in the heart of Chaulakharka in the Solukhumbu district, stands as a testament to the transformative power of education in rural Nepal. As a vital member of TTQIE initiative, the school has overcome significant challenges to enhance its Early Childhood Education programs. Until recently, the school faced fundamental issues, lacking essential facilities such as proper insulation, child-friendly furniture, and adequate materials for its children.

These problems not only hindered the physical comfort of the students but also had a profound impact on their enthusiasm for learning. The absence of engaging learning environments made it challenging for school administration to sustain student interest during class hours, resulting in below-average learning achievements.

Understanding the significance of suitable infrastructure, REED Nepal allocated funds to facilitate the construction of child-friendly furniture specifically designed for Early Childhood Education to grade 3. They also organised a five-day training for Early Childhood Education teachers.

One of the teachers who attended the training was Kalpana, who was born with a polio-related disability that makes it challenging to fully use her arms and legs. However, Kalpana dreams of becoming the best teacher in the Solukhumbu. With the knowledge she gained from the training and support from her colleagues, she decided to make her classroom (and subsequently many others in the school) a better place for learning, decorating the room with bright and interactive educational materials.

Now more parents are visiting the school, and teaching has become easier. The students in the basic classes are happier and are more interested in coming to school. Parents are happy too, and they even joke that now that the students have better facilities than the teachers. In fact, the school now boasts some of the most well-equipped and child-friendly classrooms at the foundation level within the Solukhumbu district.

Kalpana has become a school hero. Despite facing challenges with her legs and arms, she took on the important task of making the classrooms look better. Her exemplary classroom management and decorations have not only transformed the educational environment within the school but also set a benchmark for other educational institutions. Kalpana’s unwavering determination has also shattered stereotypes, proving that disability is not a barrier to fulfilling your dreams.

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