Nepal, 5 years on from the earthquakes

Your support has had a deep impact on the people of Nepal. You have our profound gratitude.

AHF 5yr on Nepal EQ Infographic

The 2015 Nepal earthquakes were  catastrophic, including huge avalanches on Everest and in the Langtang valley. Hundreds of thousands of Nepalese people were made homeless. Across the country over 35,000 classrooms were damaged.

Together with the Australian community and our local partner REED Nepal, we set to work.

Our AHF Family donated over $1,000,000 to Nepal

In Australia, the phones were ringing off the hook. “You would put the phone down, and it would ring again with someone wanting to give. People just wanted to help”.

AHF immediately sent two volunteer disaster relief workers – Andrew Lock (AHF Ambassador) and Geoff Bartram – to distribute urgent life saving aid such as medicine, food, water, blankets and tarpaulins to many extremely remote villages. Both Andrew and Geoff were in Nepal when the second of the earthquakes hit on May 12th.

Buoyed by the amazing response from our AHF family, we partnered with Himalayan Trust New Zealand and Himalayan Trust UK to develop and finance a rebuild schedule. Australian pro bono consultants joined the team including Davenport Campbell, Hassell, TTW, David Francis and Ken McBryde. Their collaboration made possible an award-winning lightweight steel design which was transportable even in the high reaches of our remote communities. 

Together, with our Australian supporters by our side, the team:

Rebuild Nepal post 2015 earthquakes

You helped communities in Nepal to become resilient after the earthquakes



We are so proud of our supporters – our “AHF family”. Your love of the Himalaya came to the fore, you could not wait to give. You were ringing us daily to ask us what was happening in Nepal, and how you could help. You volunteered your time, your support, your funds. This response was, and continues to be, an inspiration for our organisation.

“Working with the school teachers, principal and local parents has been an inspiring process. Whilst we have been teaching the school about some of the latest ideas in education design, we have learnt far more from them about resilience and the value of community.”

Davenport Campbell architects Neill Johanson & Tom Singleton.

The dedication of the Garma School Community Hall, opened in September 2019