Stories of change

14 year old Neelam – AHF and Reed School Scholarship

Neelam* is in Year 9 at secondary school in rural Nepal and is 14 years of age. She lives with her older brother, two older sisters, father and stepmother. Her mother passed away at a young age, and her father remarried, putting additional pressure on her siblings to support the family. Neelam’s sister is responsible for growing the buckwheat, millet and barley crops, but with a tough landscape, the production is not enough to feed them. Neelam’s older brother works as a tour guide for extra income.

Neelam said “… After passing away of my mother and father got married to step mother, I became helpless. It was difficult to continue further study.. I was … (supported) with the guardianship of my brother. 

“Regardless of family situation and mental shock, I am continuously focusing on education and school.’’

What did AHF and Reed do to support Neelam?

After reviewing Neelam’s situation, REED Nepal and AHF now support Neelam with a scholarship. As she gets older, Neelam will be supported as a boarder at school, allowing her to pursue more technical agricultural studies and extra English classes.

Neelam enjoys school now that she doesn’t have the worry of being a financial burden on her family, and aspires to be a biologist when she grows up so that she can give back to her country.

*Please note that the names and images have been changed to protect the identity of our students.

Nepal Teacher Training and Quality Education

AHF’s flagship Teacher Training and Quality Education (TTQE) project is helping to ensure that children living in one of the poorest regions of Nepal have access to inclusive, high quality primary education for improved opportunities now and into the future.

In 2018/2019

  • 1,533 students (790 girls) at 14 schools accessed improved quality education via TTQE schools
  • 860 children in grades 1–3 were provided with literacy materials
  • 34 children accessed improved nutrition via school meals pilot program
  • 489 very vulnerable children received financial and material assistance to continue schooling
  • 180 students and 60 teachers received orientation in hygiene practices, and new hand-washing facilities provided at 7 schools