AHF’s 12 Days of Mountains – 15th December

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These are just some of the ways AHF is working with communities in Nepal, Bhutan and the Indian Himalaya.

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Today’s Gift!

Need a Sunday project? Make your own prayer flags!

Prayer flags have many meanings. In Bhutanese custom, they can be used for celebrations, good omens, new beginnings, and much more. Prayer flags are traditionally made from green, red, yellow blue and white cloth printed with prayers, mantras and symbols, but you can make them from any materials you have to hand. 

The common intention of prayer flags in most cultures is to spread goodwill and compassion to the universe. And that includes you. Have a lovely day.

Image from ProjectBase8000

Mountain Story of the Day – COVID in Nepal

In remote Solukhumbu, Nepal, many households don’t have stable internet and even electricity is rare. When COVID19 led to school lockdowns our partner REED Nepal produced and delivered lessons for radio. The broadcast aired to 23,000 households across the region, reaching up to 1.2 million school children with online learning.

With your support, we have been able to respond in really practical ways to COVID-19 in the Himalaya. Your donations help build resilient communities and sustainable change – thank you!

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