AHF’s 12 Days of Mountains – 22nd December

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These are just some of the ways AHF is working with communities in Nepal, Bhutan and the Indian Himalaya.

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Today’s Gift!

With holidays upon us, you’re going to need a bunch of books to keep you company! We asked AHF Ambassador and one of Australia’s most accomplished climbers Andrew Lock for his top 5 books about mountains and climbing. Here’s Andrew’s list – maybe you’ll find a stocking filler for someone you know??

  1. Annapurna by Maurice Herzog, because it shows the unremitting commitment and nationalistic fervour of the day to succeed regardless of the cost.
  2. Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, because it is just an extraordinary story of survival.
  3. The Fight for Everest (1924) by Edward Norton, because these boys pushed the boundaries of human achievement.
  4. Conquistadors of the Useless: From the Alps to Annapurna by Lionel Terray, because he puts the mountaineering game into perspective.
  5. The Ascent of Rumdoodle by William Bowman, because it’s a shameless spoof on the whole game.
A young girl walks to school, rural Nepal.

Mountain Story of the Day – Manisha*

Manisha* is 17 years old, the youngest daughter in a family of four. Her parents are farmers with a small hut and land in a remote village. They are busy for a couple of months farming and for the rest of the year, they seek work away from home. Manisha’s family struggles to make ends meet.

In 2013, Manisha joined AHF’s school support program – her “most precious moment”. Her father says “If no scholarship, my daughter would have got marriage after five class study… I would not have capacity for … continue her grade six study.”
Now, Manisha’s hopes for her future are strong. She wants to complete school and maybe run a local business. She hopes that she can support her family in future. Help us write more stories with young women like Manisha!
*Name & photo changed to protect identity.
The Australian Government supports our Teacher Training and Quality Education program through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) #ANCP

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